Wednesday, 27 February 2013

REVIEW: I Know Studio

I Know Studio - brainchild of Timsy & Siddharth is the only affordable designer online shopping studio. Since they create their own pieces, the collection reflects their taste i.e. contemporary, fusion and wearable. 

Neatly Organized
I Know Studio has well segregated sections for men and women. They have arranged their clothing neatly under each category as Jackets, Shirts, Kurtas and Trousers for men and Jackets, Shirts and Tops, Trousers and Dresses for women. Such an assortment makes browsing and purchase decision very easy. Brownie points for the assortment!

Whether you lure over colours or stick to the basics or like ethnic, fusion or contemporary, the studio has to offer it all! I love the collection for women- check this dresstrouser and jacket and I would definitely buy this waistcoat and shirt to gift it to my guy. Though they do not often have new stock coming in but the pattern, cut and detailing of every garment is different and unique. For men, they have amazing silk kurtas at unimaginable prices. 

I like that they have Cash on Delivery to save girls like me from severe debt. 

Delivery and Returns
They deliver between Monday -Saturday(excluding bank holidays) in 3-4 days. It generally reaches on the forth day after the order is placed and the returns are reviewed and honoured up to 15 days from the date of order delivered. 

Very affordable! It starts at 1,299INR and goes till 3,199INR for men and women. The variety they offer at the price is very reasonable. 

Disclamier: I have been compensated for this review. If you disagree or have different views on the same then feel free to comment, nicely!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Tokens of Love

Every romantic occasion is incomplete without gifts. Make your beloved feel sky high with gifts and surprises and make this Valentine one of the best times of your life.

This Valentine there are numerous ways to express your love and make your loved one feel important. Right from the usual flowers and chocolates to the super splendid gold showpieces and customized mugs and frames and rings, there is no way you are going to disappoint your partner.

Gifting Options
Make your loved one feel special with personalized gifts and rings. Whether you are gifting your friend or your lover, you have endless choices with customized bags, mugs, photo frames, candles, customized cakes, rings and chocolates. Create a picture gallery of your partner and you to show how much you love and care. Rings are the best way for couples to express love, affection and commitment. Propose in style with rings in gold and silver in diamond and sparkling stones and gems. For women, rings in silver with pearls, gems and diamonds could be a treat whereas for men rings in gold and silver with a diamond or just a band could bring alive the romance. Exclusive showpieces in gold and classic designs could also make for an ideal valentine gift. You can also create a warm and lovely environment with scented candles for a candle lit dinner or after dinner in bed.

Frazer & Haws

Jewels by Anu

Awesome Sparkler

Giordani Perfume

Radisson Blu Hotel New Delhi 

The Gold Leafing Studio

Iris Fragrances

Leonidas Belgium Chocolate 

Gift a spa
Those looking for a romantic setting in the middle of serene horizons can treat themselves to the luxurious Royal Caribbean Spa. It surrounds you with a backdrop ranging from thundering glaciers and exotic islands to a beautifully distorted sun setting in the horizon. It offers all exotic treatments such as Chakra Stone therapy, Rasul, Bamboo massage and Thai Poultice Massage. It offers Aqua Spa by celebrity Cruises as well, one of the largest, most luxurious spas afloat. The spa offers acupuncture and beauty services inspired by rituals from exotic cultures. It is one of the finest ‘Destination Spas’ offering everything a spa enthusiast dreams of including your own health-focused restaurant.

Make your bond stronger
Romance your partner this valentine by doing as many activities together as possible. This could include following a healthy lifestyle like exercising and following a diet. To make your bond stronger and understanding deeper with your partner, you may try out a few fitness exercises and healthy foods suggested by experts.

Couple exercises by Talwarkar’s Gym
Love Seat
This exercise will not just shape up your body but also your relation gets a boost. To start-off one person sits on a chair or bench. The other turns away from partner and squats in front, placing hands on partner's thighs with fingers forward. Standing partner walks feet away from body and lowers until triceps are parallel to ground. Return to start; repeat. You can switch places after each set.

Palm Pat
You can start side by side in push-up position. Your lower chest needs to be toward ground, then push back to start. Post that shift weight to outside arm, keeping it straight, as you turn chest to face partner, balancing on side of outside foot, legs stacked. Give your partner a high five. Return to push-up position; repeat for one set. Switch places for the second set.

Couple Exercises and Nutrition by Fitness and Nutrition Coach Sonia Bajaj
Sit ups- Couple lie down on their mats with their feet touching each other’s feet. Slowly lift your upper body up and sit giving a clap with each other’s hand. Lie down again. Repeat this 15 to 20 times
Twisters- Stand with your back towards each other. Take a medicine ball in your hands, Twist form your torso and give it your partners hand then the partner give it back to you. Repeat this 15 to 20 times

- Sit together at your breakfast table and share sweet fruits to spread sweetness and good health with each other
- Make a combination of healthy nuts and enjoy together
-  Soups and salads
- Cup of green tea can do wonders
- Share a healthy protein bar after the workout to recover

What are you gifting your Valentine?

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Of late I have been hooked to inspirational ideas from none other than Pinterest. Each of us require inspiration to move ahead and forget the dark phases of life.

So here are a few pictures that truly inspire me and I decided to post them here. 

Do let me know what inspires you? Pictures, thoughts,people or anything...


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